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System de lixiviation in situ uranium

  • In-Situ Uranium Mining Process - Ur-Energy

    The lixiviant dissolves uranium as it is drawn through the ore zone by a pump in a nearby production well. The pump in the production well collects the uranium laden water and sends it to the processing plant where the uranium is removed by ion exchange.

  • Azarga Uranium Corp. (TSX:AZZ) Investor Overview INN

    Azarga Uranium Corp. (TSX:AZZ,OTCQB:AZZUF) is an integrated uranium exploration and development company that controls 10 uranium projects and prospects in the United States (South Dakota, Wyoming


    IMPROVING PROCESS CONTROLS AT IN-SITU LEACHING URANIUM MINES Natalya Bokovoya1, Biays Bowerman2, Michael Browne3, Colin Carroll2, Sean Dunlop4, A. Kasabekov1, Karen Miller3, Scott Purvis5, Gulnara Yeligbayeva6 1 NAC Kazatomprom JSC Astana, Kazakhstan 2 Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, NY USA 3Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, NM, USA


    Uranium : Minerais ; Extraction, Traitement et Enrichissement Complexe Scolaire 8 ; Groupe N°6 Page 6 2.3- L'exploitation par lixiviation in situ ã Un premier forage est

  • Lextraction duranium, comment ça marche

    Cette opération est appelée « lixiviation in situ ». Il sagit dinjecter dans le minerai, grâce à un conduit, des solutions alcalines, comme celles préparées à partir dhydrogénocarbonate de

  • Leaching of uranylsilica complexes from the host

    Jun 20, 2013· The host rocks are interlaid dolostonemetapelite beds with radioactive nuclides of the three actinium, thorium and uranium decay series. In situ measurements on the spatial distribution of radioactivity, uranyl groups luminescence and radon gas concentrations inside cave were main focus of this work to model lixiviation and deposition

  • Uranium Mobility During In Situ Redox Manipulation of

    Uranium Mobility During In Situ Redox Manipulation of the 100 Areas of the Hanford Site J. E. Szecsody K. J. Cantrell K. M. Krupka C. T. Resch M. D. Williams J. S. Fruchter November 1998 Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract DE-AC06-76RLO 1830 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Richland, Washington 99352

  • Tailings and Their Component Radionuclides From the

    cake from in-situ uranium leach solutions. Also, uranium is, or soon will be, recovered from phosphoric acid plants in Florida and Louisi­ ana and from copper dump leach operations in Utah (Anonymous, 1978). As our reserves of higher grade ores becomes depleted, the

  • (PDF) A Model of Virtual Training Application for

    The organizational structure of VTA "In-situ leaching of uranium" determines the composition and the relation ship of the VTA (see Fig. 1.) , wh ich should be based on rational orga niza

  • Uranium mining - leading uranium producer Orano

    This ore treatment process, referred to as lixiviation, precedes the purification stage. The uranium is then extracted from the solution by a precipitation process before being purified, dried and calcined to result in a natural uranium concentrate: yellow cake, which contains 80% uranium (or 800 kg per ton).

  • Spectroscopic Confirmation of Uranium Bioreduction in a

    situ bioreduction of U(VI) may therefore offer an attractive means of immobilizing uranium in soil and sediments. The feasibility of this approach was evaluated using a column packed with U(VI)-contaminated soil obtained from the S-3 waste disposal area at the US DOE BWXT Y-12 site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The subsurface at the site is highly

  • In-Situ Monitoring of Uranyl Ion in Ground Water Using a

    The system successfully detected uranium below the regulatory limit and appeared to have the necessary attributes for deployment in the field. The Phase II will further reduce the risks of the technologies, and field deployment of two systems to allow for near real-time monitoring at several areas of Handford Site, Washington.

  • In Situ Bioreduction of Technetium and Uranium in a

    The potential to stimulate an indigenous microbial community to reduce a mixture of U(VI) and Tc(VII) in the presence of high (120 mM) initial NO3- co-contamination was evaluated in a shallow unconfined aquifer using a series of single-well, pushpull tests. In the absence of added electron donor, NO3-, Tc(VII), and U(VI) reduction was not detectable. However, in the presence of added

  • Uranium Deposits - Wyoming State Geological Survey

    Uranium What is Uranium Uranium Geology Uranium Deposits Uranium Resources Uranium Mining Uranium Logs Uranium Deposits. Uranium ore deposits are economically recoverable concentrations of uranium within the earth's crust. Such deposits in Wyoming are found in porous and permeable sedimentary rocks in the Powder River, Great Divide, Wind River, and Shirley basins.

  • Integrated Uranium Resource and Environmental Assessment

    Drill-core samples from a sandstone-hosted uranium (U) deposit in Wyoming were characterized to determine the abundance and distribution of uranium following in-situ recovery (ISR) mining with oxygen- and carbon dioxide-enriched water. Concentrations of uranium, collected from ten depth intervals, ranged from 5 to 1920 ppm. A composite

  • Récupérer luranium sans creuser : la lixiviation in situ

    Dec 19, 2014· La lixiviation in situ (ou ISL pour In Situ Leaching) est un procédé visant à dissoudre des métaux tels que le cuivre ou luranium, faciles à mettre en solution, directement dans le gisement. A laide dune série de puits injecteurs et producteurs, une solution acide, dite lixiviante, est injectée dans le sous-sol, puis pompée

  • 35 No. 9 Uranium Extraction Technology

    The cover picture shows the in situ uranium central processing facility, Hobson Uranium Project, Everest Mineral Corporation, Karnes County, Texas, United (Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Mexico). Components of Uranium resource classification system 13 1.4. Uranium resources in WOCA 15 References 18 CHAPTER 2. MINING

  • In-situ Leach Uranium Mining - Earthworks

    First used in Wyoming in the 1950s, in-situ leaching (ISL) mining accounts for most uranium production in the United States. In situ leaching what it is. ISL involves injecting chemicals, called lixivants into an aquifer that contains a uranium ore body (i.e. deposit).

  • Spéciation du radium dans les résidus de traitement acide

    Jul 01, 1997· Keywords: Sequential leaching, *26Ra, Uranium, Mill tailings, Metals, France Abridged version (see p. 117) venant uniquement de la d&int&ration naturelle, en par- Introduction ticulier les descendants de la famille de 238U, tels que En France, 50 millions de tonnes de Gsidus de lixiviation 230Th, 226Ra, Pb, dont les activit& moyennes respecti

  • In Situ Bioreduction of Uranium (VI) to Submicromolar

    De-xin Ding, Shi-mi Li, Nan Hu, Fei Xu, Guang-yue Li, Yong-dong Wang. Bioreduction of U(VI) in groundwater under anoxic conditions from a decommissioned in situ leaching uranium mine. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 2015, 38 (4) , 661-669. DOI: 10.1007/s00449-014-1305-3.

  • Stimulating the In Situ Activity of Geobacter Species To

    The potential for removing uranium from contaminated groundwater by stimulating the in situ activity of dissimilatory metal-reducing microorganisms was evaluated in a uranium-contaminated aquifer located in Rifle, Colo. Acetate (1 to 3 mM) was injected into the subsurface over a 3-month period via an injection gallery composed of 20 injection wells, which was installed upgradient from a series

  • Uranium de la prospection à la remédiation Uranium : de la

    La lixiviation in situ est une autre méthode dextraction, elle consiste à extraire luranium directement du minerai sans trop entrer en contact avec le sol. Près de la moitié de luranium mondial est produit grâce à cette méthode.

  • (PDF) Uranium series disequilibria in ground waters from a

    The uranium from all other interfering elements (radioactive or not) counting system is composed of a silicon surface barrier detector, present in the sample, since alpha particles have very short with nominal active area of 450 mm2, operating under pressure of penetration, being easily absorbed by impurities present in the approximately 10 2

  • In Situ Leach Mining (ISL) of Uranium - World Nuclear

    In 2019, 57% of world uranium mined was from by in situ leach (ISL) methods. Most uranium mining in the USA, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is now by ISL, also known as in situ recovery (ISR). ISL mining of uranium is undertaken in Australia, China, and Russia as well.

  • In Situ Remediation Technology: Electrokinetics

    move and capture uranium and organic contaminants in soil. The process involves the application of a direct current across the soil and patented system to capture the radionuclide. Wastes Treated: Uranium and organic contaminants Status: A pilot-scale demonstration, supported by the Department of Energy's Office of Technology Development, is

  • In situ mobility of uranium in the presence of nitrate

    Apr 01, 2016· Microbial-mediated reduction of uranium can be stimulated by the in situ addition of an electron donor such as ethanol, glucose, acetate, lactate, formate, or emulsified vegetable oil (Senko et al., 2002, Anderson et al., 2003, Istok et al., 2004, Vrionis et al., 2005, Wu et al., 2006, Wu et al., 2007, Wu et al., 2010, Dullies et al., 2010, Campbell et al., 2011, Sharp et al., 2011, Watson et al., 2013).

  • In-Situ Leach Mining of Uranium

    To be mined in-situ, the uranium deposit must occur in permeable sandstone aquifers. These sandstone aquifers provide the plumbing system for both the original emplacement and the recovery of the uranium. The uranium was emplaced by weakly oxidizing ground

  • Uranium Radiation Properties

    Uranium In-situ Leach Solution The uranium concentration in the solution produced from in-situ leaching wells depends on a number of parameters, an important one being time from startup. The initial concentration from an individual well soon peaks in a few days at values of typically 300 - 600 mg/l and then declines rapidly.

  • Uranium mining in the United States - Wikipedia

    Uranium mining in Arizona has taken place since 1918. Prior to the uranium boom of the late 1940s, uranium in Arizona was a byproduct of vanadium mining of the mineral carnotite.. California. Uranium was discovered in 1954 in the Sierra Nevada of Kern County, along the Kern River about 30 miles (50 km) northeast of Bakersfield.Two mines, the Kergon mine and the Miracle mine, made small


    Young uranium. In: J.W. Gabelman (Editor), Unconventional Uranium Deposits. Ore Geol. Rev., 3: 313-330. Deposits of young (post-glacial) uranium are presently forming in a considerable variety of environments in Canada and the northern U.S.A. by interaction between soils or sediments and uranium-bearing groundwaters.

  • Reconciling mineral reserves at the well-to-well in-situ

    KEYWORDS Copper oxides, in-situ leaching, Modelling, Porphyry, Solvent extraction and electrowinning (SXEW), Well-to-well RÉSUMÉ À la mine San Manuel (Arizona, États-Unis), on a procédé de 1986 à 1999 à la lixiviation in-situ de cuivre dun gisement porphyre cuprifère pendant lexploitation minière souterraine et à ciel ouvert.

  • PNNL-16385, 'Evaluating the Efficacy of Uranium

    Uranium contamination must be sufficiently characterized in terms of source, mobility, and compliance to support selection of a remedial strategy. Furthermore, and more importantly, the individual elements of

  • Lixiviation in situ Wikipédia

    La lixiviation in situ est une technique utilisée pour l' extraction de l'uranium. Elle libère des quantités considérables de gaz radioactif (radon), et produit de grandes quantités de boues et d'effluents contaminés lors de la récupération de l'uranium en phase liquide.

  • Investigation of in situ leach (ISL) mining of uranium in

    Investigation of in situ leach (ISL) mining of uranium in New Mexico and post-mining reclamation Introduction New Mexico has played a major role in the production of uranium (U) for the nuclear power industry and the nations weapons programs, producing more than 340 M lbs of yellowcake (U 3 O 8) (McLemore et al., 2013). Though

  • Uranium de la prospection à la remédiation Uranium : de la

    La lixiviation in situ est une autre méthode dextraction, elle consiste à extraire luranium directement du minerai sans trop entrer en contact avec le sol. Près de la

  • Gamma Spectrometry - theremino

    Theremino System GammaSpec_ENG - 3/09/2015 Page 11 Uranium Uranium is a chemical element with symbol U and atomic number 92. It is a silvery-white metal in the actinide series of the periodic table. A uranium .

  • Uranium Reduction

    ciÞc uranium reductases and their cellular location, competition be-tween uranium and other electron acceptors, attempts to stimulate in situ reduction, and mechanisms of reoxidation of reduced uranium minerals. 149 Annu. Rev. Microbiol. 2006.60:149-166. Downloaded from arjournals.annualreviews by LAWRENCE BERKELEY NATIONAL LABORATORY on

  • Biological reduction of uranium in groundwater and

    change the uranium speciation followed by sorp-tion of uranium on the host rock Abdelouas et al., 1998b . With in situ bioremediation both solu-. ble and sorbed U VI can be reduced and im- . mobilized by bacteria. To date in situ biological remediation of uranium has not been demon-strated in the field. In natural aquifers mixed

  • New Uranium Mining Projects - Russia

    Residents concerned about planned in situ leach mining at Dobrovolnoye uranium deposit: Russia's remote Kurgan region, near Kazakhstan, is the location of about one-sixth of the country's uranium reserves. A subsidiary of the state nuclear agency is expanding its operations there, using sulfuric acid to leach out the uranium ore.

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