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The strangest machines of the world

  • 10 Weirdest Items You Can Find In A Vending Machine Around

    Aug 08, 2019· However, vending machines serve as more than just snack providers, both in the U.S. and in lots of other countries. Keep on reading for a list of the strangest vending machine items in the world. Who knows, you might want to add a few to your sight-seeing list

  • Top 10 Bizarre Victorian Inventions - Listverse

    Nov 23, 2012· Top 10 People Who Changed The World By Breaking The Rules April 27, 2021 Books Top 10 Childrens Books with Hidden Agendas April 27, 2021 Weird Stuff Top 10 Bizarre Trends of the 90s April 26, 2021 Food Top 10 Ridiculous Fast Food Menu Items April 26, 2021

  • 10 Weirdest Vending Machines From Around the World - Elite

    Jan 12, 2018· Lately, weve heard of vending machines for items that we never thought would end up in them in the first place such as underwear, books, live crabs, even gold! Seriously. If youre having a hard time believing that they exist, check out this list of the most interesting vending machines around the world. 1. Calvin Klein Underwear

  • Top 10 Weird Fitness Equipment You Probably Didn't Heard

    Jul 01, 2014· Here are the weirdest fitness machines you probably wont use any time soon: 10. The Speedboard This is a miniature version of one of the most common gym equipment in the world, the step machine. So tiny and compact that you can take it with you, or at

  • Astounding machines of the ancient world

    Jun 13, 2018· Employing innova tive tools such as the pulley, the wheel, and the lever, these early engineers helped to erect huge monuments such as the pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China and the Gardens of Babylon. But theres one culture in particular whose contributions to the world of engineering almost kick-started a technological revolution thousands of years before the Industrial Age.

  • 10 Strangest Things Sold In Japanese Vending Machines

    May 02, 2018· They also sell stuff you'd never want, need or think to buy from a vending machine, and this strange vending machine content has made Japanese vending machines legendary the world over. 1 Horned Beetles. Kabutomushi (horned beetles) are considered both good luck and a fun plaything in Japan, and live beetles are sold out of vending machines so

  • 28 Bizarre Vending Machines From Around The World

    Although not everyone shares Express Vendings interest in vending machines, there is a whole world of bizarre and interesting vending machines out there that they have decided to share with us in their infographic: Vending The Rules.. When I think about vending machines, I picture the glass case brimming with packets of crisps and Mars bars that took up more than their fair share of my

  • The 20+ Weirdest Inventions Youve Ever Seen

    Many people have strange fantasies from time to time. But only the bravest implement their ideas in real life and sell them for good money. Bright Side made a collection of surprisingly strange goods. Looking at them for the first time, youll constantly ask yourself one question: Whyyyyy? The second look will bring you to Should I buy them?"

  • The 10 Most Bizarre People in the World - WondersList

    The 10 of the worlds most bizarre people. 10. Cathie Jung Worlds smallest waist Cathie Jung smallest waist in the world. Strange people quite often make sure they have some such weird attributes that help make them stand out in the crowd. They generally win some type of record-breaking competition and quite deservingly so.

  • The 20 Strangest Vending Machines in the World Complex

    Listen, if you buy mashed potatoes from a vending machine in a 7/11, you deserve whatever happens to you. Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories.

  • 6 of the most weird machine graveyards in the world

    6 of the most weird machine graveyards in the world Saying goes that diamonds are forever, which means everything else has to die at some point of time. Once it does, it is either used to create something else or left at the graveyard.

  • Strangest Unsolved Mysteries of All Time Reader's Digest

    Sep 14, 2020· Encephalitis lethargica (EL), aka the sleeping sickness, first appeared in Europe and quickly spread around the world, reaching epidemic levels in North America, Europe, and India by 1919.

  • Have Look At These Strangest Vending Machines From Around

    Mar 17, 2018· These strangest vending machines will blow your mind! We have got a list of weirdest vending machines from all around the world. Have a look.

  • 10 of the Largest and Strangest Machines in the World

    10 of the Largest and Strangest Machines in the World While our technical instruments and communication devices keep getting smaller, our machines just keep getting bigger. There is now aircraft large enough to allow other aircraft to piggyback a ride, ships that pile on other ships as cargo, and bulldozers that need more than one operator in

  • World's Strangest Vending Machines Travel + Leisure

    Japan has the highest vending machine density in the worldabout one per 23 people, says Christopher Salyers, author of Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism.

  • 15 Of The Strangest And Weirdest Inventions In The World Ever

    Sep 17, 2018· Here are 15 of the strangest and weirdest inventions in the world ever. 1 Bamboo Wife. A popular product in South East Asia, the bamboo wife is a contraption designed to give single people the feeling of a companion. It is made of bamboo, is extremely light and is hollow, making it the best partner in bed for people to hug and cuddle it.

  • The 20 Strangest Vending Machines in the World Complex

    Jan 30, 2013· We thought Japan had the weirdest vending machines in the world until we peeped this gem from The People's Republic. What you're looking at is a

  • The 15 Strangest Vending Machine Around The World! Find

    Before, we thought that Japan has the weirdest vending machine in the world. What youre looking is actually a vending machine that dispenses live crabs. These living crabs are stored in a plastic containers at 5 degrees Celsius, and sold between $1.50 and $7. MILK VENDING MACHINE FRANCE

  • 25 Unique Vending Machines From Around The World

    We compiled a list of some of the coolest, weirdest, and downright shocking vending machines from around the world. Here goes: 1. Gold to Go Vending Machine. Where to find it: Dubai. Its called the Gold to Go machine, and its the first-ever gold vending machine, found in Dubai Mall, UAE.

  • Have Look At These Strangest Vending Machines From Around

    Mar 17, 2018· These vending machines are so unique and weird! I never expected such products to be available like this. But, you know, thats how strange things are. While these machines are weird, have a look at another vending machine from Bhopal which made a revolutionary change. Find out what it is.

  • The World's 10 Weirdest Vending Machines

    Vending machines have been around since the first century AD. By todays accounts, even the first vending machine, which dispensed holy water to temple visitors, was weird. The tradition continues. This month alone, Germans released a 24K gold bar vending machine, and an Italian entrepreneur exhibited a machine that makes pizza from scratch.

  • 21 Truly Unique Vending Machines from Around the World

    But all kinds of things can be purchased this way. In Japan, there is said to be a vending machine for every 34 people, and the nation has a reputation for selling a wide variety of unexpected items through motorized boxes that might seem odd elsewhere. It turns out the rest of the world also has its fair share of strange and fun vending machines.

  • These are the world's strangest food vending machines

    Sep 19, 2020· Yes, one of the worlds most expensive ingredients has been dispensed from a vending machine. An LA-based luxury machine charged up to £400 ($500) for an ounce of caviar.

  • The Strangest, Weirdest, and Downright Oddest Coffee That

    May 10, 2020· #10 Cà Phê Trng (Egg Coffee) If that last coffee was too strange for you, lets get away from Indonesia and move toward Vietnam. The Cà Phê Trng uses the traditional methods of making a Vietnamese coffee except it is made with an egg.. They say an egg added to the coffee gives it a creamy texture and combined with the sugar its sweet enough to be enjoyed as a dessert.

  • The Weirdest and Wackiest Vending Machines in the World

    Sep 24, 2019· Welcome to the wild and wacky world of vending machines--they don't just sell snacks anymore! From low-end items like fresh eggs and cold beer and

  • 15 Photos Proving This World Is Full of Weird Things

    15 Photos Proving This World Is Full of Weird Things. 12 1 13 4. 109k. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest. Sometimes, one accidental encounter can turn a regular day into an unusual adventure. For example, you can see a tree wearing jeans or an Egyptian sphinx in someones yard. At least youll have something to tell your

  • These are the world's strangest food vending machines

    Sep 19, 2020· Yes, one of the worlds most expensive ingredients has been dispensed from a vending machine. An LA-based luxury machine charged up to $500 for an ounce of caviar.

  • 10 Mysterious Artifacts That Are Allegedly Alien - Listverse

    Aug 15, 2013· There are many strange objects in the world, both enigmatic and man-made, that are said to be proof of alien life. 10 The Russian UFO Tooth Wheel. A Russian man found a strange piece of machinery from Vladivostok, the administrative capital of the Primorsky Krai area. The object resembled a piece of tooth wheel and was embedded in a piece of

  • 10 Largest Machines in the world Top 10 Lists

    Sep 19, 2014· In this Post we are discuss about Craziest, Strange & Largest Machines in the world. 1) The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the worlds largest and most powerful machines for particle accelerator. It initial started on 10 th September 2008, and remains the newest addition to CERNs accelerator Complex.

  • The Weirdest Food Vending Machines Around The World

    Sep 19, 2012· The Weirdest Food Vending Machines Around The World. "The world's first pizza vending machine" cooks an individual pie with the topping of your choice in less than three minutes. The machine uses an infra-red oven contains enough ingredients for 200 pizzas before needing to

  • 14 Of The Largest And Strangest Machines In The World

    Apr 11, 2017· One of the largest machines in the world, there's currently only one aircraft in operation. 1 Like Re: 14 Of The Largest And Strangest Machines In The World by obafemee80 (

  • 10 Weird Vending Machines That Dispense Strange Things

    Live crabs are displayed in a machine in China and all you need to do is drop in some money for your own. This clearly is the winner for the most strangest vending machine in the world! 3. Noodles, Japan. In Japan, people are always in a hurry. And this has led to the brilliant invention of a noodles vending machine.

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