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Thin seam coal mining

  • Selection of an Appropriate Mechanized Mining Technical

    Mechanized mining technical process (MMTP) related to the control method of the shearer is a vital process in thin coal seam mining operations. An appropriate MMTP is closely related to safety, productivity, labour intensity, and efficiency. Hence, the evaluation of alternative MMTP is an important part of the mining design. Several parameters should be considered in MMTP evaluation, so the


    in thin seam coal mining. There was no significant variation of the frequency of fatalities between thick and thin seam mining. The average rate for accidents was higher for thin seams than for medium to thick seams. The frequency rate of disabling injuries was approximately 100 times higher than the

  • Development of an Underground Automated Thin-Seam Coal

    It is predicted that coal mining in Southwest ia, and the economic stability that it brings to the area, will continue to decline over the next decade unless an environmentally sound, and economically viable means can be found to extract seams of high quality coal in the thickness range of 14 to 28 inches.

  • New lease of life for underground thin seam mining

    Oct 01, 2001· A new venture called Thin Seam Mining Pty Ltd (TSM) could help change the perception of Australian coal miners. TSM has been set up by experienced American coal miners to explore opportunities for thin seam mining in Australia, using proven American mining methods, purpose built equipment, and experienced operators.

  • Fully mechanized coal mining technology for thin coal seam

    The extraction of thin coal seams will liberate the hold-up coal reserves, increase recovery rate of coal resource and extend the mine lives. With the implementation of the fully mechanized thin coal seam mining technology in highly gassy mines, it can speed up the mining of methane releasing coal seams, achieve a balanced extraction


    Coal thin seamsin the coal mining industry are often considered by company as waste material or it is not gives a significance revenue. Actual condition it istrue but this seams actually can be

  • [PDF] Feasibility of an Integrated Thin Seam Coal Mining

    The depletion of more attractive thicker and easily accessible coal seams in the central Appalachia will direct attention towards the extraction of coal seams thinner than 28 in. This thesis investigates the feasibility of an integrated mining and backfilling system applicable to thin seams. Two conceptual mining systems, namely Auger mining and Self Advancing Miner, have been proposed for

  • University of Wollongong Research Online

    Group employed a domestic MG200/450-WD shearer for thin coal seam mining. The output of the coal face was 6766 t/day with an annual output of 1.0 Mt, which created a new record for similar geological conditions. 1. In 2006, based on the geological conditions of thin seam with dip angle of 36°, average thickness of 1.3 m, and Protodyakonov

  • Design of backfilled thin-seam coal pillars using earth

    Basu,K.(1997)Feasibility of and integrated thin seam coal mining and waste disposal system, Thesis,ia Tech,Blacksburg,VA,92. Bieniawski, Z.T.and van Heerden, W.L.(1975)The signi cance of in-situ tests on large rock specimens,International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining

  • Major Mines & Projects Kriel Mine

    The coal seams are generally described as follows: - Seam is thin and mainly discontinuous - No.2 Seam is approximately 1.5-4 m - No.3 Seam is thin and discontinuous - No.4 Seam is 1-12 m, laterally continuous - No.4 Upper Seam is 1-4 m thick and is separated from No.4 Lower Seam which is 4-12 m thick by sandstone

  • Balmain's own coal mine - Department of Primary Industries

    At 2000 feet 85% of the coal seam had to be left as pillars. At Balmain's depth the requirement would have been over 90%, which, especially with a thin seam, could not possibly have allowed economic working. Even before striking the disappointingly thin seam the management had decided that an alternative form of mining, longwall should be

  • Development of an Underground Automated Thin-Seam Coal

    It is predicted that coal mining in Southwest ia, and the economic stability that it brings to the area, will continue to decline over the next decade unless an environmentally sound, and economically viable means can be found to extract seams of high quality coal in the thickness range of 14 to 28 inches.

  • Glossary of Mining Terms - Coal Education

    The remainder may represent coal in pillars or coal which is too thin or inferior to mine or lost in mining. Shallow coal mines working under townships, reservoirs, etc., may extract 50%, or less, of the entire seam, the remainder being left as pillars to protect the surface.

  • Thick seam coal mining and its ground control - ScienceDirect

    Jan 01, 2017· The top-coal caving underslicing longwall mining was employed for primary mining of No. 8 coal seam in the Luling coal mine of Huaibei Mining Group. The seam is 812 m thick, averaging 10.11 m, and very soft, f<0.3. Gas content of the coal seam is 16 m 3 /t, with risk of gas outburst. In order to alleviate the threat of gas outbursts, the

  • Modern experience of low-coal seams underground mining in

    Nov 01, 2018· To maintain a sustainable development of mining areas, the extraction of thin coal seam, which is usually less than 1.3m in thickness, becomes increasingly important,.

  • Manchester Coalfield - Wikipedia

    The coal seam was divided by a dirt parting of sandstone. Half Yard mine: Bone This is a thin seam of coking coal with a maximum height of 20 inches. Three Quarters mine: Smith The Three Quarters mine had a maximum height of 2 feet (0.61 m) and was worked, where the thickness of the seam allowed, to produce coking coal.

  • Characterization of the coal resources of South Africa

    Highveld and Ermelo coalfields) technical innovations for thin seam extraction, economic mining of both pillar coal and intrusion-fragmented resource blocks and the utilization of lower-grade coals are required. The success of the fluidized bed combustion technology is necessary to

  • Longwall Method_Thin Coal Seam_HOT Mining-Rev.R

    Mar 22, 2016· Longwall Method_Thin Coal Seam_HOT Mining-Rev.R 1. Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co., Ltd 1 Technology of Fully Mechanized Mining on Thin Coal Seam Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co.,Ltd Engineering Brief There are abundant thin seam coal reserves in China, with more than 80% coal area having reserve and total reserve 62 billion tones and occupation 17.5% in total reserves.

  • Modern experience of low-coal seams underground mining in

    Nov 01, 2018· To maintain a sustainable development of mining areas, the extraction of thin coal seam, which is usually less than 1.3m in thickness, becomes increasingly important,.


    Thin seam (as thin as 0.8 m) Competent roof and floor of the coal seam Coal seam preferably free from geological disturbances Coal blocked in final highwall mainly due to uneconomic stripping ratio Coal blocked in barriers and/or below surface features like., village, road, power transmission lines, forests, hills, etc 16-10-2012 15

  • machinery for underground mining of thin seam coal

    Thin Seam Coal Mining. 2019-5-14 · Coal mining - Choosing a mining method: The various methods of mining a coal seam can be classified under two headings, surface mining and underground mining. Surface and underground coal mining are broad activities that incorporate numerous variations in equipment and methods, and the choice of which method

  • Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Technology for Thin Coal Seam

    In view of the present situations and existing problems of thin coal seam mining under complex geological conditions, low-profile mining equipment for fully mechanized coal mining was developed. This paper presents the study on the development of the equipment. The low-profile mining machinery includes the shearer, the scraper conveyer, the

  • Geology of Kentucky: Chapter 22, Coal

    The first record of coal production in the state is that of 328 tons mined in 1828 (Rice, 1922). Gradual development followed to 1907 from which year on the industry expanded rapidly as a result of: (a) the introduction of improved mining machinery, (b) the building of railroads into territory of eastern Kentucky about 1912, (c) the expansion of the by-product coke industry and the

  • The Effects of Backfilling on Ground Control and Recovery

    Its adaptability to thin-seam coal mining has been examined and is presented in this thesis. Backfill is capable of providing additional ground support by restricting lateral deformation of surrounding coal pillars and roof. This additional support can result in significant increases

  • Underground Thin-Seam Coal Mining in ia Semantic

    Corpus ID: 1765089. Underground Thin-Seam Coal Mining in ia @inproceedings{Holman1999UndergroundTC, title={Underground Thin-Seam Coal Mining in ia}, author={Darren Holman and Malcolm Mcpherson and I. Loomis}, year={1999} }

  • SACMO South African Coal Mining Operations

    South African Coal Mining Operations (SACMO) is a junior coal producer with operations in the Ermelo / Breyten district of the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. Having developed a reputation as specialist in thin seam open cast and underground coal mining, SACMO produces and processes coal products for international markets.

  • Optimal Selection of a Longwall Mining Method for a Thin

    Jul 14, 2016· The selection of a mining method is one of the most important decisions made by mining engineers. An appropriate fully mechanized mining method is of great importance to mining design and capacity planning for thin coal seams. Therefore, the comprehensive evaluation of alternative mining methods is an important part of mining design. Several parameters should be considered in that


    It is a known fact that thin seam mining can be very expensive, both in monetary value and in human life. The main decision to pursue thin coal seams is made on both strategic and financial factors.

  • Coal Mining Machine -

    Coal Mining Machine 730C series thin seam coal mining machine is presently a domestic thin seam long-boom mining machine of advanced performances, featuring low machine face height, short body length, and powerful cutting capacity.

  • Fully mechanized coal mining method for low coal seam

    The application of electro-hydraulic control system and the remote control technology to the extremely thin coal seam enabled the main work stage programmable control at coal mining working face. This programmable control technology has been applied in the hydraulic powered supports with the 2 200 L/min emulsion pumping station and the PM32

  • I want to know which countries are already mining thin

    As per my knowledge, Australia is also undertaking thin coal seam mining. Even in countries Ukraine, Poland, China, etc are also involved in thin coal mining techniques for winning coal, both from

  • ultra thin coal seam, fully mechanized mining technology

    Moreover the input output ratio is high with low efficiency, economic efficiency is poor, so lots of areas gave up of ultra thin coal seam mining that the fully mechanized ultra thin coal seam mining development is slow. Ultra coal seam mining method : (1) Blasting mining, blasting down coal, hand loading coal, single hydraulic prop.

  • Splits, Coal Mining Geology, Kentucky Geological Survey

    Sep 18, 2019· Splits commonly thin laterally into a persistent and relatively thick parting in the coal. Split in the Whitesburg coal seam in eastern Kentucky. Discontinuities and obstacles: Splitting causes major obstacles to mining and often permanent lateral barriers to mining in the direction of splitting.

  • Neville Terry - Mananging Director/Executive Consultant

    Developed a ultra thin seam mining method which enabled the mining of seams as thin as 100mm, with a minimum of coal loss and dilution Preparation and implementation of an annual budget in excess of $100M. Direct responsibility for safe, efficient operation of open cut (150 personnel). Supervision of mining contractor.

  • Shearer mining application to soft thin-seam with hard roof

    2. Stability of surrounding rock of coal face and its control in thin seam in Caoyao coal mine 2.1. Brief introduction of coal face in t hin seam Caoyao Coal Mine belongs to one of four m edium or small coal mines in the west of Yima mining area, the mine has excavated coal seam B 1 of Shanxi Formation at Permian System in Shanmian coalfield

  • Thin seam mining (Journal Article) ETDEWEB

    Discusses thin seam mining in Poland and its prospects. There were 194 working faces in coal seams to 1.5 m thick in Poland in 1988. Of them, 115 fell on faces with powered supports, 79 on faces with SHC-40 and Valent props; 108 shearer loaders and 45 coal plows were used for longwall mining of thin coal

  • Coal seams of the South Yorkshire Coalfield - Wikipedia

    The coal seams worked in the South Yorkshire Coalfield lie mainly in the middle coal measures within what is now formally referred to as the Pennine Coal Measures Group. These are a series of mudstones, shales, sandstones, and coal seams laid down towards the end of the Carboniferous period between about 320 and 300 million years ago.

  • Chinas First Intelligent Thin Coal Seam Mining Face

    The thin coal seam comprehensive mining face of Yujialiang Coal Mine forcefully accelerates Shendong Coal Groups nationalization of large coal mining equipment. To tackle the difficulties of hard coal seam and large initial cutting amount, the working face creatively employs dual engine bend rocker arms with straight tooth transmission

  • CN105134206A - Thin coal seam coal mining machine drum

    The invention discloses a thin coal seam coal mining machine drum composed of an end plate, a spiral blade, a drum hub, cutting teeth, tooth holders and the like; the diameter of the drum hub is increased from the drum bottom to the end plate in a hyperbolic sine mode, an included angle of the section of the spiral blade with an inner cylindrical surface of the drum hub is not a right angle, a

  • Thin-low coal seam longwall mining technology

    Jan 12, 2017· Thin/Low Coal Seam Mining Technology 3. About HOT HOT Mining provide integrated engineering solutions to coal and minerals. Our services include underground mining, open cut mining, mineral processing and materials handling.

  • Coal seam - Energy Education

    A coal seam is a dark brown or black banded deposit of coal that is visible within layers of rock. These seams are located underground and can be mined using either deep mining or strip mining techniques depending on their proximity to the surface. These seams undergo normal coal formation and serve as a conventional coal resource.The reserves of coal are immense, and are the largest of all of

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