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The quartz diorite boundary line in the western united states

  • (PDF) Plutonism across the Tujunga-North American terrane

    Augen gneiss and blue-quartz gneiss of the amphibolite facies, intruded by a complex of gabbro, diorite, anorthosite, and syenite, and all intruded again by granitic rocks, constitute basement

  • Detection of urban hidden faults using group-velocity

    Jan 13, 2021· According to the distribution of velocity anomaly along profile AA', we divide it into five parts with dotted lines, which correspond to the Pukou Formation sandstone of Mesozoic (K 2 p), quartz

  • 6 most dangerous fault lines in the USA - Strange Sounds

    Nov 05, 2019· California sits at the border between two major tectonic plates the Pacific plate, which is moving northwest, and the North American plate, which is sliding past it to the southeast. The two plates dont just meet at a single line, and the state is crisscrossed with dozens of earthquake faults.


    western New Mexico during the mid-Tertiary (Wahl 1980, Finnell 1987, McIntosh et al. 1991). Younger north- and northwest-striking Basin and Range faults have offset the caldera boundary (Finnell 1987, McLemore 2000, McLemore et al. 2000b). Only the Proterozoic rocks are discussed in this report, but they have been cut and altered

  • Tour: Tyrone Mine

    The Mogollon-Datil volcanic field straddles the transitional boundary between the tectonically stable Colorado Plateau to the north and small intrusive bodies composed of porhyritic diorite, granodiorite, monzonite or quartz monzonite (McLemore, 2008). by the Farallon slab controlled subsequent activity in the western United States

  • Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada

    In the western United States lies one of the largest and highest mountain ranges on earth. Composed of vast quantities of Granitic rock the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the surrounding topography have distinct geologic structures which point to a period of intense

  • Tectonic evolution of the Syringa embayment in the central

    Despite kinematic compatibility, a significant difference between the western Idaho shear zone and the Ahsahka shear zone is that the western Idaho shear zone overprints the Salmon River suture zone and coinciding Sr i 0.704/0.706 line along the north-south segment of the lithospheric boundary. Accordingly, the high-grade gneiss and Laurentian

  • Implications of transient deformation in the northern

    Apr 09, 2014· 1 Introduction. The northern Basin and Range province is a broad, 300 to 800 km wide, intracontinental rift zone occupying a large fraction of the central Cordillera in the western United States (Figure 1).Extensional strain widened the central part of the province from ~30 to 14 Ma [e.g., Dilles and Gans, 1995], but extension has focused at the eastern and western margins since about 12 Ma [e

  • Igneous rock - Classification of plutonic rocks Britannica

    Igneous rock - Igneous rock - Classification of plutonic rocks: A plutonic rock may be classified mineralogically based on the actual proportion of the various minerals of which it is composed (called the mode). In any classification scheme, boundaries between classes are set arbitrarily; however, if the boundaries can be placed closest to natural divisions or gaps between classes, they will

  • Federal Register :: Establishment of the Antelope Valley

    May 24, 2011· The boundary line for the proposed Antelope Valley of the California High Desert viticultural area defines an area in the greater Antelope Valley region. The area within the proposed viticultural area boundary line has similar climate, geology, geography, and soils.

  • Isotopic mapping reveals the location of crustal fragments

    Nov 01, 2020· Such work has also been applied in the Himalaya (Ahmad et al., 2000; Richards et al., 2005), the western United States (Bennett and DePaolo, 1987), the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (Wang et al., 2009; Wang et al., 2015), and Antarctica (Borg and DePaolo, 1994), providing insight into the age and isotopic signature of juxtaposed terranes and the

  • Miocene and Early Pliocene Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposits

    1. Index map of the western United States showing middle Miocene igneous and tectonic features. Heavy line indicates the northern Nevada rift. The heavy star at the north end of the rift is the McDermitt caldera (M) and the apparent location of the Yellowstone hot spot at 16.5 Ma. Western graben of the Snake River plain is shown by hachured lines.

  • Oxygen isotope trends of granitic magmatism in the Great

    Simplified map of isotopic discontinuities in the western United States. (A) The 87Sr/86Sr i (I Sr) 5 0.706 and 0.708 lines of Kistler and Peterman (1973) as labeled. The « Nd 527 of Farmer and DePaolo (1983) is coincident with the 0.708 line. The thick, gray lines denote the boundaries of the Pb isotope zones Ia, Ib, II, and III of Zartman

  • Some Geology Basics

    Quartz: Quartz is easily distinguished by great hardness (scratches glass), and in the western United States, the very oldest rocks date back to only 2.7 billion years. variety of environments on land (terrestrial), at sea (marine), or at the complex boundary between the two, such as beaches or river deltas (transitional).

  • The Quartz Diorite Boundary Line in the Western United

    Rocks of the western zone are dominantly quartz diorite; rocks of the eastern zone are dominantly quartz monzonite and granodiorite. The line separating these two zones is called the "quartz diorite boundary line" and is traced on a map.

  • Igneous Rocks & Plate Tectonics - Tulane University

    The younger rocks in the western portion of the batholith are mostly quartz diorites with Sr isotopic ratios less than 0.704, ratios expected from melting of the mantle or young crustal rocks. Plutons farther east are mostly quartz monzonites and granodiorites with ratios increasing along with age of the plutons toward the east and southeast.


    western New Mexico during the mid-Tertiary (Wahl 1980, Finnell 1987, McIntosh et al. 1991). Younger north- and northwest-striking Basin and Range faults have offset the caldera boundary (Finnell 1987, McLemore 2000, McLemore et al. 2000b). Only the Proterozoic rocks are discussed in this report, but they have been cut and altered

  • A cordierite-bearing granite suite from the New England

    The quartz diorite boundary line in the western United States. J. Geol. 67, 198210 (1959) Google Scholar Piwinskii, A.J.: Studies of batholithic feldspars: Sierra Nevada, California. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 17, 204222 (1968) Google Scholar

  • DOGAMI Geological Map GMS-41, Geology and mineral

    The Elkhorn vein strikes N. 600 E. and dips 850 to the west and cuts argillite hornfels and quartz diorite. The ore shoots were chiefly in quartz diorite. Lindgren (1901) describes the ore as a ' 'soft mixture of coarse sulfides with much crushed diorite and occasional streaks of quartz

  • Geology and ore deposits of the western portion of the

    line. The area lies along the main mountain ridge extending in a general northwest-southeast direction and wholly within the Chiri­ cahua topographic sheet of the San Simon Quadrangle, United States Geological Survey. The sketch map. Figure 1, shows the location of the Hilltop mine area. Hilltop, a small rural community located at the

  • The Quartz Page: Occurrence

    Sep 22, 2011· The outer parts bordering the host rock are mostly made of milky quartz while the core is made of more translucent quartz or even clear crystals. The specimen to the right is a small piece of a hydrothermal quartz vein. There is a brown line running through the base of the specimen that separates two quartz veins that formed successively.

  • Solved: 2. Briefly Compare And Contrast The Eastern And We

    Geologi cally the volcanoes are very active Lassen exploded in 1914 and 1915 and Mount St Helens in 19. Many of the higher volcanic peaks were glaciated during the ice age and some still retain active glaciers The Rocky Mountains The Rocky Mountains in the western United States are the high pred mountain ranges rising abruptly from the Great

  • Earth Science Midterm Review: Regentsprep

    24. What kind of plate boundary is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge? (circle one) Transform, Divergent, Convergent 25. What is the major active fault in the Western United States? SAN ANDREAS FAULT 26. What has caused the growth of the Himalayan Mountains, north of India? CONVERGENT BOUNDARY BETWEEN INDIA AND EURASIA 27.

  • USGS: Geological Survey Bulletin 614 (Itinerary)

    Near Ashland the crumbling quartz diorite is well exposed, together with sandstones and shales of Cretaceous age. To the northeast rises Grizzly Peak (6,000 feet), a pile of lava flows, under which, as may he seen on the gentle slopes near Bear Creek, are sedimentary rocks that contain some beds of coal and fossil plants, probably of Eocene age.

  • Stratigraphy and Structure of the Pelona Schist -- Lyle

    The naming of andesite versus quartz diorite is largely by textural comparison as both names represent the same chemical compositions. These rocks invariably intrude the Late Oligocene Telegraph Peak granite and associated sills and are brittly faulted by various strands of the San Antonio fault system (Hazelton and Nourse, 1994).

  • The Journal of Geology Vol 67, No 2

    The Quartz Diorite Boundary Line in the Western United States. James G. Moore; pp. 198210. PDF; Abstract Postglacial Vegetation of the North-Central United States: A Review. Theodor Just; pp. 228238. PDF; Abstract

  • Reconnaissance Petrographic Gross Section of the Idaho

    The"regionally significant northward-trending "quartz diorite line" (Moore, 1959, p. 199), which systematically divides the Mesozoic bath- oliths in western United States into western quartz dioritic parts and eastern granodioritic-quartz monzonitic parts, is well defined in

  • Mining Claims How to Stake a Gold Mining Claim

    There are 19 states, mainly in the western United States, where federal lands are open to mining through the Bureau of Land Management. There are two types of mining claims, patented and unpatented claims that cover two types of deposits, lode and placer. With a patented land claim you own the land outright and you can do what you want with the

  • Diorite Rock - Uses, Facts & Properties - All You Need to Know

    Feb 18, 2020· The Andes Mountains of Western Australia; Composition of Diorite: Diorite is sodium-rich due to the high content of plagioclase. It has hornblende, biotite, and pyroxene minerals as minor content. Diorite has traces of other minerals found in other igneous rocks. The presence of quartz and feldspar gives it a contrasting black & white appearance.

  • Recent Archaeological Investigations at the Stonewall Mine

    The Stonewall Mine itself consists of a body of gold-bearing quartz surrounded by quartz diorite and schist. Today, the site is characterized by a pine-oak woodland vegetation community with a ground cover dominated by exotic grasses. are visible at tree line (arrow). a traditional practice among mines in the western United States

  • Geochemical Classification for Granitic Rocks Journal of

    Boundary is based upon compositions of 175 A-type granitoids from western North American, Baltica, Africa and Australia, and 344 granitoids of the Mesozoic batholiths of North America. Patterned areas show where 95% of the analyses for each group lie; light dashed lines

  • Exam 1 review You'll Remember Quizlet

    The occurrence of exotic terranes like those found in the western United States Distinct, sudden changes in structure, lithology, and fossil faunas are found in the Appalachians, New England, and Newfoundland.What do findings specifically indicate?


    troposphere as well as in the boundary layer over the northeastern Pacific ocean and western continental United States. Marine HNO 3 measurement results were strikingly similar to results from GAMETAG and other past atmospheric field experiments. The marine boundary layer HNO 3

  • Geology of Vancouver Island

    The island is the main component of the Insular Belt, the westernmost major tectonic subdivision of the Canadian Cordillera. Narrow strips of land on the west and south coast are newly discovered fragments of the Pacific Belt that is well developed in the western United States and Alaska (Figures 2, 3}.

  • Biotite-controlled linear compositional trends in quartz

    The Quartz Diorite Boundary Line in the Western United States. Article. Mar 1959; J GEOL; James G Moore; View. Weathering and Global Denudation. Article. Mar 1993; Tonalite (quartz diorite) in

  • Major Mines & Projects Kettle River-Buckhorn Mine

    The diorite endoskarn is treated in this study as a distinct subset of the GB skarn. Mineralization in the Andesite Zone. Gold mineralization occurs in skarn altered zones within the andesitic volcanics, in the region between the SWZ and the main skarn mass of the GB.


    (Vila and Sillitoe, 1991; Vila et al., 1991), and some prospects in the western United States (Canby et al., 1993; Fig. 1). These porphyries are mostly associated with the intermediate and mafic end of the broad range of rock compositions (55 to 78 wt % SiO 2) characteristic of all porphyry systems (Seedorff et

  • Western frontier life - Nc State University

    For the complete story of western expansion in the United States, see Westward movement in America. Regardless of the precise boundary line used, the western frontier differed in many ways from the eastern United States. Much of the West had a drier climate than that of the East, and western terrain often proved much harsher.

  • The Quartz Diorite Boundary Line in the Western United States

    THE QUARTZ DIORITE BOUNDARY LINE IN THE WESTERN UNITED STATES1 JAMES G. MOORE U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California ABSTRACT Compilation of geologic mapping and study of chemical analyses of Mesozoic and Cenozoic granitic rocks in the western United States show that there is a relation between the composition and the geographic

  • Montana DEQ > Land > abandonedmines > linkdocs > 106tech

    There are two large quartz diorite dikes in the area, the first in the Golden Charm-Golden Messenger-Little Dandy area at the west end of the district and the second ranging east from Trout Creek in the Daisy-Little Amber area and extending past Big Rattlesnake Gulch and Hedges Mountain.

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