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Urban mining the electronic waste gold mine infographic

  • Urban Mining - Gold in our trash - VPRO documentary - 2015

    Our waste is worth money. Recovering it has started up a new global industry worth billions. It is called Urban Mining and it appears to be the solution for

  • Mining for Gold in 50 Million Tonnes of E-waste

    Aug 17, 2019· E-waste is the fastest growing category of hazardous solid waste in the world, with millions of tons generated each year 50 million tons, to be precise. And with business as usual, it is predicted that this figure will reach 120 million tones in 2050.

  • Electronic Waste: The Rich Resource in the Urban Mine

    Urban mining is a growing trend in which gold, silver and palladium are recovered from the e-waste, in particular from the printed circuit boards. The concentration of the metals in e-waste can range between 10 to 300 ppm (g/tonne) which is far higher than the primary ore from which the metals are extracted at typically around 4 ppm.

  • This urban mining map reveals the valuables hiding in

    Jan 17, 2018· Most fascinatingly of all, Minerals4EU, a co-project of ProSUM, has mapped the mining waste data, to illustrate exactly where mining waste mountains are. These deposits are described as

  • Urban Mining / Metal Extraction Attero

    Urban mining is a radical solution for dealing with the glut of old computers, mobile phones, display units, and other electronic waste. Rather than allowing electronic junk to simply amass in landfills, huge volumes of e-waste could be deposited into abandoned open pit mines.

  • 26 E-Waste Infographics ideas e waste recycling

    Mar 3, 2014 - Infographics on Electronic Waste and Informal E-Waste Recycling. See more ideas about e waste recycling, electronic waste, recycling.

  • News - E-waste Recycling Mint Innovation Auckland

    The Guardian has reported that least 10bn (£7.9bn) worth of gold, platinum and other precious metals are dumped every year in the growing mountain of electronic waste that is polluting the planet, according to a UN report.

  • What Is Urban Mining? Greentec

    Mar 02, 2017· Its also reported that annual production of electronic goods worldwide requires 320 tons of gold and 7500 tons of silver. Follow that up with the knowledge that 50 million tons of e-waste are generated globally each year. Im sure right now youre thinking that e-waste recycling and urban mining make a lot of sense.

  • Why failing to recycle electronics leaves gold mines

    Apr 23, 2018· Theres 80 times as much gold in one ton of cellphones as there is in a gold mine, says Federico Magalini, an expert on electronic waste. That means theres enormous potential for recycling

  • Infographics on Gold Mining - GOLD CHARTS 'R' US

    In this infographic we visualize how truly rare of an asset a large & high-grade gold deposit is. Urban Mining The electronic waste gold mine. Just how much profit? What Is The Cost Of Mining Gold? What is the cost of mining gold? Here we look at the Top 50 gold mines in the world & provide analysis.

  • Urban mining of E-waste: treasure hunting for precious

    Jan 01, 2020· Urban mining E-waste for metals. Urban mining is a concept linked to resource efficiency which extends landfill mining to the process of resource recovery from anthroposphere that represents a significant source of resources, with concentrations of elements often comparable to or exceeding natural stocks (Cossu and Williams, 2015). About the

  • INFOGRAPHIC: Urban mining: The electronic waste gold mine

    Feb 28, 2013· MINING Editor February 28, 2013 9:39 pm Precious Metals China Gold Silver Urban Mining: The Electronic Waste Gold Mine infographic Sign Up for the Precious Metals Digest

  • Urban Mining of E-Waste is Becoming More Cost-Effective

    E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams, and threatens to grow into a global problem of unmanageable proportions. An effective form of management of resource recycling and environmental improvement is available, in the form of extraction and purification of precious metals taken from waste streams, in a process known as urban mining.

  • How to Make Money Urban Mining Toronto Gold

    It breaks down the use of gold and silver in electronic devices and discusses the profitability of urban mining. Urban Mining: The Electronic Waste Gold Mine infographic If youre anything like us gold buyers at Toronto Gold, that will make you look at your old laptops, cell phones and other electronic equipment through a different lens.

  • Fair Materials 101: What is Urban Mining and how can it be

    Feb 22, 2021· In a nutshell, an urban mine is not exactly a mine, but rather any stockpile of electronic waste, also known as e-waste, coming from societies. In this series, we talked about mining the extraction of materials from the ground and now were introducing to you urban mining the process of recovering raw

  • URBAN MINING: Environmental impact of e-waste and

    Electronic waste, or e-waste, is an emerging problem as well as a business opportunity of increasing significance, given the volumes of e-waste being generated and the content of both toxic and valuable materials in them. The fraction including iron, copper, aluminum, gold, Silver, platinum and other metals in e-waste

  • Infographic: Urban Mining - The Electronic Waste Gold Mine

    Infographic: Urban Mining February 28, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Infographics / by Michael David Billions of dollars worth of precious metals are used every year to manufacture the cellphones, laptops and other electronics we use on a daily basis.

  • Heigh Ho To Waste, Hello To Urban Mining

    Heigh Ho To Waste, Hello To Urban Mining. HEIGH HO TO WASTE, HELLO TO URBAN MINING Roughly 45 million tons of e-waste is produced worldwide each year. The U.S. (the largest producer of e-waste on Earth) alone produces 2.3 billion pounds annually. Our electronic waste fills our limited landfill space and serves as long-term environmental and

  • Review on E-Waste Recycling: Part IA Prospective Urban

    Apr 07, 2021· Voluminous e-waste offers a huge economic opportunity with the material value alone worth $62.5 billion. Thus, e-waste is a precious resource for urban mining. Harvesting the resources from e-waste is largely less energy intensive and produces substantially less carbon-dioxide emissions than mining in the earths crust.

  • (PDF) E-Waste Mining, An Alternative To Traditional Mining

    E-mining or Urban mining will reduce the amount of waste generated from mining and processing of ores while minimising existing volumes and newly imported e-waste. It is economically rewarding

  • Good news: It actually makes financial sense to mine our

    Apr 04, 2018· Despite the cost of waste collection, labour, energy, material, transportation and equipment, the researchers found that urban mining was more cost-effective than mining of copper or gold ore.

  • Urban mining and mineral recycling: State of the art DSM

    A massive gold mine ready to be exploited is found in societys electronic garbage or e-waste. Most electrical products are composed of valuable elements such as gold, nickel, cobalt and rare earth metals. Some common devices are composed of 30-50 elements, many of them recoverable.

  • Chapter 9 Urban Mining of E-waste - ITU

    9. Urban Mining of E-waste. A large variety of valuable materials and plastics . are contained in electric and electronic appliances. Up to 60 elements from the periodic table can be found in complex electronics, and many of them are technically recoverable, though there are economic limits set by the market. E-waste contains precious

  • Urban Mining: The Electronic Waste Gold Mine

    $75 million in revenue URBAN MINING The Electronic Waste Gold Mine 000 Millions of dollars worth of gold and silver are sitting in landfills around the world. The precious metals are hidden away in the components that make up our outdated laptops, cellphones and other discarded electronics.

  • Urban mining - Wikipedia

    An urban mine is the stockpile of rare metals in the discarded waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) of a society. Urban mining is the process of recovering these rare metals through mechanical and chemical treatments. [citation needed]The name was coined in the 1980s by Professor Hideo Nanjyo of the Research Institute of Mineral Dressing and Metallurgy at Tohoku University and the

  • Potential and relevance of urban mining in the context of

    Sep 01, 2017· In India, urban mining could be specifically relevant to the dominant urban waste streams such as electronic waste (e-waste), energy efficient lighting, end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), construction and demolition waste, wherein both the formal and the informal sector currently play a role; therefore landfilling or stockpiling of most of these

  • E-waste mining could be big business - and good for the

    But now e-waste mining has the potential to become big business. Professor Veena Sahajwalla's mine in Australia produces gold, silver and copper - and there isn't a pick-axe in sight.

  • Urban mining study to help develop an e-waste recycling

    Jun 13, 2013· Australia throws away a potential "gold mine" of precious metals each year when it sends electronic waste overseas. The nation's ability to recycle old televisions, phones and computers is

  • Urban mining of Electronic waste Friends For Future

    Mar 18, 2021· In 2019, record 53.6 million tonnes (Mt) of e-waste was produced globally out of which only 17.4 per cent of 2019s e-waste was collected and recycled. This means that gold, silver, copper, platinum and other high-value, recoverable materials conservatively valued at US $57 billion were mostly dumped or burned rather than being collected for

  • Urban Mining: Are We Sitting On An E-Waste Gold Mine?

    Aug 21, 2018· The case for urban mining. Cost aside, theres simply more potential in WEEE resources. Electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams globally, e-waste generation is expected to hit 49.8 million tons in 2018.Plus, its getting harder and more expensive to extract raw materials, which are dwindling in supply.

  • 30+ Recycling Infographics ideas recycling, infographic

    Urban Mining: The Electronic Waste Gold Mine. That iPhone in your hand isnt just a complex piece of electronics. Its also a gold mine quite literally. And a platinum mine, silver mine, copper mine you get the picture. [INFOGRAPHIC] Waste NOT- Electronic Waste and Our Environment.

  • Urban mining: Recovering $21B a year in gold and silver

    Mar 05, 2013· Urban mining: Recovering $21B a year in gold and silver from discarded devices (infographic) Every year, we toss out 152 million mobile phones, 52 million computers, and 36 million monitors. Thats

  • A Guide to Urban Mining

    Jul 12, 2012· Urban mining is the process of mining landfills and then recycling all of the precious metals thrown away in urban environments.You may think that nobody would throw gold, silver or platinum into the trash, but millions of people do just that when discarding old electronic gadgets, many of which contain precious or rare elements and metals.

  • The Potential of Urban Mining The Diplomat

    Nov 19, 2013· Metal deposits in e-waste are up to 40 to 50 times richer than ore extracted from mines. For example, one ton of gold ore The Globalization of E-Waste. To do it right, urban mining

  • Urban Mining: An Unimaginably Valuable Mine On Earth

    Nov 03, 2020· Urban Mining: An Unimaginably Valuable Mine On Earth E-waste mining is now a huge industry. Most companies work directly with mobile brands which collect the e-waste and give them to e-waste

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