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Use of local content in the extractive industries enables

  • Overview of Local Content Regulatory Frameworks in

    content as the extent to which the output of the extractive industry generates further benefits to the economy beyond the direct contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and government revenues, through its linkage to other domestic production sectors.

  • The Executive Session on the Politics of Extractive Industries

    The Project. Our collaborative approach aims to develop active approaches to understanding the politics of extractive industries, which means seeing the ways in which power, interests, incentives and characteristics of political systems shape how extractive industry projects are developed, their ultimate outcomes, and hence also the fate of governance interventions in such projects.

  • UNCTAD SUC 2012 1 EDITED-final26mar

    extractive industries in host countries so that lessons can be learned. Several developing countries have adopted successful approaches to local content regulations which could be followed by interested resource rich low income countries. This paper examines ways in which local content in the extractive industries can be addressed..

  • Local content policies: Why mining need consistent policy

    Mar 01, 2021· Local content in extractive industries: evidence and lessons from Chiles copper sector and Malaysias petroleum sector. The Extractive Industries and Society, 7 (2) (2020), pp. 341-352. Article Download PDF View Record in Scopus Google Scholar. Lee, 2013. K. Lee. Schumpeterian Analysis of Economic Catch-Up.

  • Local Content Development - PYXERA Global

    Put simply, local content refers to the extent to which local people and companies are able to participate in the workforce and supply chains of a given industry. It is most often a focus area in sectors that require technical sophistication to manage natural resourcesnamely extractive industries such as

  • UNU-WIDER : Working Paper : Local content, supply chains

    Local content policies in the context of extractive industries have attracted increased interest in recent years. Most countries with a significant extractive industry have included local content requirements either in their legislation or exploitation contracts. Such efforts may be constrained by low capacity of potential suppliers, low skills, and a number of other factors constituting the

  • How can energy extractives resources be used for

    how people better enjoy the extractive energy resources? 2 - How to promote Local Content ; which implies: - the use of human resources at all levels of the oil and mining companies, the acquisition of goods and services supplied by local businesses in the exploration, - development, exploitation, transportation, sale

  • Meeting Report Third Workshop of the Extractive Sector Forum

    Local content may involve requiring multinational oil gas and mining companies to enter into joint ventures with local firms or to open equity to local partners as a pre-requisite to obtaining mining or exploration licenses. Local content also involves localising the extractive industry supply chains by sourcing from local companies.

  • Use of Local Content in the Extractive Industries Enables

    Nov 20, 2013· Community of Practice will sustain knowledge exchange on local content Extractive industries mining, oil and gas can create much needed jobs for people in host communities. Too often though, this does not happen and the transformational potential

  • Managing Local Content Policies in the Extractive Industries

    managing local content policy in the extractive industries, managing local content policy impact in the extractive industry, outcome to be achieved through managing local content policy, governments efforts and especially the downstream sector to enable indigenous entrepreneur with experience to come in and fill the gap that was evident

  • NRGI Reader - Natural Resource Governance Institute

    local content. Because extractive resources are finite, it can be detrimental to create more economic focus on the extractive industries. Proponents of economic diversification suggest using local content provisions to develop a workforce with transferable skills. Opening the door for corruption?

  • Mining Local Procurement Reporting Initiative BMZ

    The aim is to use a reporting framework to enable the extent and depth of local value added through local procurement to be made available to (local) government, industry and industry chambers and the public. Extractives and Development is currently in the testing phase of the LPRI. The reporting framework is being piloted in three countries

  • Water use by the extractive industry Parliament of Australia

    any difference in the regulatory regime surrounding the extractive industrys water use, and that of other industries; the effectiveness of the water trigger under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 , and the value in expanding the trigger to include other projects, such as shale and tight gas; and

  • Boosting the benefits from extractive industries through

    Sep 22, 2016· Boosting the benefits from extractive industries through local content policies This brief is based on research into the oil and gas Local Content policies of Latin America countries, and identifies some key policies that are more likely to be successful in promoting economic diversification.


    This document is for administrative use only, and is not to be relied on for legal purposes. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1995 . SHIRE OF MORAWA . EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES LOCAL LAW 2018. CONTENTS . PART 1 - PRELIMINARY 1.1 Citation 1.2 Commencement 1.3 Application 1.4 Repeal 1.5 Transitional provisions 1.6 Definitions PART 2 - REQUIREMENT FOR LICENCE

  • (PDF) Driving Local Content in the Extractive Industry

    The local content law has enabled more Nigerians to access oil and gas contracts, however, if Nigeria is to achieve the government target of 70% use of indigenous labor, materials and resources in all oil and gas projects in the country26, much still needs to be done.


    To illustrate extractive industry impacts on local communities, the annual report includes 12 county case studies from across the country, as well as data from 18 states, in an effort to increase public awareness. MSG has actively solicited input from the general public concerning U.S. involvement in EITI. Public interest in EITI

  • Extractive Industries Local Law consolidated

    EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES LOCAL LAW Under the powers conferred by the Local Government Act 1995 and by all other powers, the local government of the Shire of Esperance resolved to make the following local laws on the 27th day of November 2001. PART 1 PRELIMINARY Definitions 1.1 In this local law, unless the context otherwise requires

  • Digging into the Extractive Industries: Tips from the

    Sep 28, 2019· For more on this topic, see GIJNs resource guide Covering the Extractive Industries. ResourceData : This data repository from the nonprofit Natural Resource Governance Institute has a wealth of data that you can analyze, including revenue, government spending, and taxation.

  • Local Content Policies in the Oil and Gas Sector World

    Oct 13, 2013· Complexities of Local Content in Kenyas Extractive Sector: An Appraisal of Policy, Legal and Institutional Frameworks and Practice 26 January 2021 Local Content Policies in the Energy Transition Era in Africa: A Case Study of the East African Oil and Gas Industry

  • Local Content - Extractives Hub

    Local content policies are often hard to withdraw even though they are meant to be temporary provisions. Local content laws may provide opportunities for corruption if not effectively monitored. 4. Country cases in the oil and gas industry Ghana made its local content law more effective by

  • Local Content Policies in the Mining Sector: Scaling up

    iii Local Content Policies in the Mining Sector: Scaling up local procurement ACRONYMS AMV Africa Mining Visoi n BBBEE Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment CDA community development agreement EITI Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative EWB Canada Enginees r Without Bodr es r Canada IBA impact benefit agreement IFC International Finance Corpoatir on

  • Extractive Industries, Revenue Allocation and Local Politics

    extractive sector and the modalities that governments adopt to use and distribute those revenues. In the last two decades, local populations and subnational governments have demanded a greater decentralisation of extractive industry (EI) related revenues but the modalities and mechanisms adopted varied widely across cases. This paper looks at the

  • Extractive Resources

    2 Joint Ministerial Statement on extractive resources Contents 1. Streamline approval processes to expand production 5 2. Protect the continuity of supply from existing quarries 6 3. Apply the agent of change principle to quarries 6 4. Provide better guidance to industry and local government 6 5.

  • Enhancing the benefits of extractive industries to

    Ensuring that future funds from the extractive industry yield as much benefit for Ugandans as possible and avoiding potential corruption. Pushing the government to assess the right balance between benefits from the new oil industry and the preservation of valuable natural environments. Empowering local communities working in the mining sector

  • ExtractivE industriEs - UNDP

    strengthened partnerships around a nationally-owned agenda of extractive industries for human development with donors, the private sector, foundations and other possible contributors. The successful adoption and implementation of this strategy will enable UNDP to

  • Optimal local content requirement policies for extractive

    Dec 01, 2016· 1. Introduction. Extractive industries, such as minerals, oil, or gas, could fuel economic development in resource-rich low-income countries. One popular development strategy is to establish a local content requirement (LCR) policy calling for a foreign investor to source a portion of its procurements from local suppliers in the domestic economy.

  • Unpacking Local Content Requirements in the Extractive

    These include, among others, industrial policies to foster better sourcing of local content and job creation, fiscal reforms, and more collaborative partnerships with the extractive industry. This paper focuses on the question of local content in the oil, gas, and mining sectors, particularly the policies put in place to foster its use, and how

  • Local Content Policies in the Oil and Gas Sector World

    Oct 13, 2013· One important theme of such policies is the so-called local content created by the sector?the extent to which the output of the extractive industry sector generates further benefits to the economy beyond the direct contribution of its value-added, through its links to other sectors.

  • The World Bank Group in Extractive Industries

    1 The Extractive Industries Review (EIR) is the collective term given to a series of reviews of the World Bank Groups approach to the extractive industries, including an independent stakeholder consultation and evaluations done by the WBGs independent evaluation groups.

  • The extractive industries value chain as a framework for

    Jun 20, 2014· Conflicts linked to the extractive industries (EI) are both economic and political in nature. These EI conflicts may centre around control over a specific natural resource and the revenues it generates; or various social groups may use resource revenues as a source of funding for generating or promoting other types of conflicts (i.e. inter-state,

  • Combating Corruption in Extractive Industries (2020) UNITAR

    The course will examine the role of multiple stakeholders involved in extractive industries, the risk of corrupt practices during the project cycle and along the value chain of extractive industries, its impact on the industry, environment and local communities, and the international initiatives to enhance transparency and accountability in

  • WIDER Working Paper 2017/96

    Keywords: extractive industries, local content, industrial policy, infrastructure JEL classification: L5, L7, O2, Q3 . 1 1. Introduction Extractive industries generate some revenue streams that do not go to the state or the operating enterprise but end up with a multitude of economic subjects in

  • World Local Content Policies in the Oil, Gas, and Mining

    issues related to the design and implementation of local content policies in extractive industries. The conference was structured around the following sessions: 1) Local content policy trends; 2) Definition of Local Content; 3) Industry partnerships to

  • Local Content in the Extractives Sector: Exploring Policy

    Nov 11, 2016· While local content is broad and changing in nature, as it is an ongoing and contextual process, it can generally be defined as a countrys effort to create value from extractive projects that goes beyond fiscal revenues by favoring linkages across the value chains in a way that benefits the local, national and regional economies.

  • Local Content in Oil, Gas, and Mining - World Bank

    " Local content in the extractive industries is being given ever higher priority by host governments through a wide array of policy instruments. And oil, gas and mining companies now rate local content among the most significant expectations in the communities in which they operate.

  • Extractive Industries, Revenue Allocation and Local

    This paper looks at the existing criteria and reform modalities adopted to allocate and use EI revenues, and examines the political bargains that enabled such distribution. The paper focuses on four specific questions: a) How do central governments share (or distribute) the revenues from extractive industries with different levels of

  • A Perspective on Local Content in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Aug 17, 2018· A World Bank 2016 paper titled Local Content in Oil, Gas and Mining sets out its perspective pointing out that what Local Content seeks to do is to leverage the extractive

  • Impacts of Extractive Industry and Infrastructure on

    This executive summary provides an overview of key findings from five reports exploring the significance of extractive industry and infrastructure as drivers of deforestation and rights violations in forest communities globally and in three regions: Mexico and Central America, the Brazilian and Western Amazon, and Indonesia.

  • What use is the (D-)EITI? The Extractive Industries

    The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Germany under scrutiny 2 /12 1 Preface In this paper we summarise the structure and functioning of the EITI, describe how it is implemented in Germany and as­ sess the content of existing EITI reports from a civil­ society perspective. In Section 4 we outline opportunities for im­


    local content Loc. al content refers to the actions a country can adopt to increase benefits from the extractive sector through the promotion of local employment, skills development, and national industry participation. The promotion of local content has become a matter of increasing interest and debate in Africa and Latin America.

  • Areas Extractive Industries - Columbia Center on

    Extractive industry investments are oftentimes divisive. Those that support a project, will likely emphasize the benefits resulting from tax revenues and employment. Those that oppose the project, will often highlight the adverse impacts on the environment and impacted communities. To date, this debate can be informed by several tools.

  • Energy Justice - A Local Content Analytical Framework for

    A Local Content Analytical Framework for Sub-Saharan Africa . Authors: Muhongo, Rukonge Sospeter book will be a valuable resource for scholars and students as well as policy makers and practitioners in the areas of extractive industry-related disciplines energy governance, and economic development in

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